About Us


We are an English-speaking veterinary practice in Cannes on the French Riviera and we promote a personalized approach and a holistic care for your pets. We favor listening and prevention thanks to a dedicated veterinary team, available, competent, and to our modern and efficient equipment.

We support pet owners in their efforts to maintain or restore the health of their faithful companions in a natural way.

Graduate of the famous French National Veterinary School of Alfort (ENVA), Dr. Franck Lefay is passionately interested in herbal medicine or phytotherapy because he thinks it is particularly suitable for animals. He concretized this professional interest by completing specialized studies and earning a postgraduate diploma of “Medicinal Plants, Phytotherapy and Aromatherapy”. Herbal medicine is part of his daily tools in his ongoing quest to relieve and cure pets.

«Nature offers us everything we need to protect and maintain the health of our faithful four-legged friends.» Franck LEFAY

Our engagement in herbal medicine for animals
We develop herbal products (phytoproducts) and we distribute these products internationally. We develop our range of phytotherapy products by addressing animal health problems that respond particularly well to herbal treatments.

Quality / Ecology
We promote the natural and ecological culture of the plants we use. We work from fresh plants, with a particular interest for the respect of the environment.

It is with joy and total commitment that we pursue our mission to help animals. We systematically favor and support the protection of animals health. We act with honesty and integrity. View Dr. Franck LEFAY’s profile.

Familial atmosphere

A personalized approach

We pride ourselves in offering a perzonalized approach to your pet health. We will ask you many questions to make sure we have all the information necessary to offer the best care for your pet.

A minimum wait

We know pet don’t usually enjoy coming to the vet… so we try to minimize the waiting time in the waiting room for you and your furry friend.

Une atmosphère familiale

During your appointment, you will feel welcome in a family and professional atmosphere where the health needs of your companions go first.

Attentive listening

We take to time to listen and understand your challenges with your animal. It is by having this holistic approach that we can offer the best solutions and care for your pet optimum health.

Our team is at the service of your pets (dogs, cats, NAC …) in order to offer the best quality of care and give them access to a holistic approach to health.

Exemples of fees

Consultation with immunization: 47 Euros

Complete dog vaccine reminder (without rabies): 56 Euros

Complete dog vaccine reminder with rabies: 63 Euros

Complete cat vaccine reminder (with leucosis but without rabies): 67 Euros


Male cat sterilization, including anesthesia: 65 Euros

Female cat sterilization, including anesthesia: 123 Euros

Male dog, including anesthesia: 210 Euros

Female dog sterilization, including anesthesia: 295 Euros


Behavorial evaluation

Behavioral evaluation: 125 Euros

Descaling, including anesthesia: 106 Euros

Dental care

Our team