Dogs qualified as dangerous: understanding the obligations.

Is your dog in the “dangerous dogs” category?

In accordance with the laws of 6 January 1999 and 20 June 2008 on dangerous and stray animals and the protection of animals, mayors are responsible for exercising their police power to ensure the safety of people.

The possession of dangerous dogs is therefore today the subject of draconian regulations that subject the masters to a certain number of obligations. The latter, without downplaying the leading social role of companion dogs in our country, aims to enhance the safety of people with these animals and to improve the protection of animals that are often victims of abuse.

If you have an  animal classified as dangerous, you must apply for a permit of detention at the town hall of the place of your residence, if you do not you risk sanctions and penalties. Here is a useful brochure to learn and understand all the necessary steps in the city of Cannes.
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Dr. Franck Lefay is authorized for the evaluation of dangerous animals and to produce a behavioral evaluation certificate, an essential document for the application for a detention permit.

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