Spring cleaning for our pets too!

When comes spring and the time for the famous (or infamous… take your pick :)) spring cleaning, let’s not forget our pets!

In addition to the recommended weekly cleaning, thoroughly clean the beds and baskets, ventilate in the sun and let dry well. Use a mild soap without perfume for washing, your pet will thank you. Beware of disinfectants (bleach, etc.), most contain ingredients that may be toxic or cause very irritating vapors to the sensitive respiratory membranes of animals. Consider the renewal of the bed (s) of your pet if odors persist after washing.

Wash bowls and toys using regular dish soap and hot water or wash them in the dishwasher. If so, choose a longer rinse program to make sure the soap is completely gone, and avoid very hot drying, it could degrade certain plastics that would become harmful to your pet.

Check the condition of the necklaces, leashes and medals. Clean or replace them if necessary.

If you give your pet drugs or supplements, review them and discard any items that have expired. Make sure you have a sufficient supply of deworming and flea/tick treatment. Do not replace your products until you have asked your veterinarian for advice.

Spring is also the best time for a good bath and for a thorough maintenance of nails and teeth. Proper brushing also helps remove all allergens in your pet’s hair. If your dog or cat needs a salon session, schedule a spring appointment!

Finally, in your spring cleaning drive, pay close attention to the products you use to clean your house, they can be harmful or irritating to your animals.

If you have questions about choosing cleaning products to prevent accidental poisoning, do not hesitate to ask your veterinarian for advice.