A special treatment for your animal suffering from cancer

Dr. Lefay offers his treatment to improve the quality of life of your animal suffering from cancer thanks to a phytotherapy-based medicine unique in France based on Viscum Album. Dog, cat or horse, the treatment applies to many.

What is Viscum Album?

Viscum Album is the Latin name for mistletoe, a hemi-parasite plant that forms large green balls in parasitized trees. We use VAF (Fermented Viscum album), a purified, sterilized and standardized extract of 3 different mistletoe types: Viscum album pini, Viscum album mali and Viscum album quercus.

Practical information
All animals with cancer can be treated with this therapy: dogs, cats, or horses (the latter will be taken care of by colleagues).
There is no standardized protocol for phytotherapy: each case is unique and will be taken care of in a personalized way. We use 3 types of Viscum album with 5 different dosage for each type, given according to varying timeframes.

After a careful medical examination of the animal and a medical check (previously performed), a therapeutic treatment is proposed to the owner. Most often, the product is given by subcutaneous injection. The first is done with the owner at our veterinary practice and the followings are done at home. We often notice that our clients are initially very stressed to give themselves an injection to their pet. This fear quickly disappears after 2 or 3 days when they realize how easy it is.
The positive effects are felt very quickly. Your pet becomes much happier and more lively a few days after the first injection . His/her appetite and vitality increase. The animal will stay in this good state until the end of his/her life instead of gradually deteriorating. To date, no drug is able to provide such an improvement. Side effects are very rare and very limited: rare local reactions when the product is poorly injected and some general reactions when the disease is in its final stage.

The first appointment is charged 120 € and a standard treatment costs between 300 and 330 € per month. It is good to re-evaluate the animal every 6 months (or more if necessary).
The appointment can be in our veterinary practice in Cannes or at a colleague’s veterinary in the Paris area (upon request).

Warning: Through the advise and treatment mentioned above, we do not claim in any way to cure animal’s cancer with Viscum album. The different therapeutic solutions that we offer in our practice allow the animal to go through illness with a very significantly improved quality of life and an increased life expectancy. These treatments are not a substitute for chemotherapies and / or radiotherapies prescribed elsewhere.

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Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your pet’s well-being and treatment. We will provide you with the necessary information and advise.