Administrative procedures

Due to the geographical position of his practice, Dr. Lefay is very often required to complete the administrative formalities for pets traveling abroad. He has become an expert on pet travel!

Tips for the trip, creation of the animal’s passport, mandatory vaccinations depending on the destination, Dr. Lefay is an essential resource if you are traveling with your pet(s).

Since July, 3rd 2004, the conditions relating to the movement of pet animals have been harmonized in accordance with the provisions of European Regulation (EC) #998/2003 of the European Parliament and of the 26 May 2003 Council . It lays down the animal health conditions applicable to movement of pets between European member states and from third countries.

Pet owners traveling through Europe or abroad should contact us to have the necessary documents filled. Special provisions apply to pet owners from third countries.

Since January, 1st 2009, the pet passport has become the only official document attesting to the anti-rabies vaccination.


We try to answer below your most frequent questions about the administrative procedures related to your animals.

I am English and I want to go back to London with my dog, what should I do?

A veterinarian should consult your dog, check his passport, identification and anti-rabies vaccination. The veterinarian must also administer a vermifuge. All will be noted on your pet’s passport. You can then go home between 1 and 5 days after the consultation.

I wish to go live 3 months in another country, what are the formalities to take my dog?

Each country has its own requirements and I invite you to consult the country embassy for the exact terms – which, moreover, change quite regularly. The minimum required is the passport, anti-rabies vaccination and identification. You can also come to our practice, we will help you prepare your dog and get all the necessary documentation.

If you have specific questions, do not hesitate to call us or visit us at the practice.