Medical imaging

Imaging at the service of diagnosis

Conventional X-rays are performed in the office and interpreted immediately.
Ultrasounds are performed and interpreted in the office by recognized specialists.
The scans are done in a specialized center in collaboration with Dr. Franck LEFAY.


We try to answer below your most frequently asked questions.

Is it necessary to anesthetize my dog for a X-ray?

In the majority of cases, it is not necessary. The X-ray can be performed on a perfectly vigilant animal. However, for a minority of X-rays, such as mouth X-ray or some X-rays requiring the use of contrast material, it is necessary to tranquilize your pet. It is not anesthesia but a simple tranquilization.

What to do if my cat needs to have a scanner?

Contact us and we will direct you to a specialized imaging center with highly specialized technicians and doctors. Indeed, if any veterinarian can practice the examination, its interpretation must be reserved for specialists.

For any other question, you can contact the office or visit us. Do not hesitate to do so before making any decision regarding the health of your pet.