Regular & urgent care

Physical Examination

Meticulous clinical examination is the basis of any consultation. Nothing is left to chance. The examination of the animal owner remains an important part of the diagnosis. His collaboration is essential to the care and healing of the animal.


All conventional vaccinations and their annual follow-up are practiced at the Franck Lefay veterinary practice at preferential rates. Dr. Franck Lefay emphasizes vaccination against canine leishmaniasis, a terrible fatal disease, endemic in our region.

Behavioral assessments

Dr. Franck Lefay is qualified to conduct behavioral assessments of dogs labelled as aggressive or dangerous. His rates are very competitive for this service.


Depending on the case, emergencies are ensured:

  • by Dr. Franck LEFAY, even if the practice is closed. Dr Lefay mobile phone number is available on the office voicemail by calling +33 4 93 99 10 44
  • Or by a home emergency service at: 0 825 02 09 09.


We try to answer your most frequently asked questions below. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions.

Is the leishmaniasis vaccine useful?

Yes, it is very important to vaccinate your dog against leishmaniasis. In the first year, you will not be able to vaccinate before the age of 6 months then there will be 3 injections at 3 weeks intervals. In subsequent years, an annual reminder is enough.

What if my dog has trouble getting up?

The first thing will be to make an accurate diagnosis. Then, the treatment will be allopathic or phytotherapeutic, or even both depending on the case.

My dog scratches and pulls out his hair ...

This symptom can have several causes and it is impossible to make a diagnosis without seeing the animal. However the first cause of pruritus is the presence of fleas. If you come to the practice, we can advise you on the most suitable product for your dog.

Do not hesitate to go to Doctor Lefay’s practice to ask him other questions directly.