Herbal Medicine

Many diseases can be treated with herbal medicine (phytotherapy). However we do not hesitate to use conventional medicine when we think that the solutions offered by phytotherapy are insufficient. A discussion with the pet owner and an assessment of the condition of the animal always leads to the best solution for each case.

Dr. Franck Lefay is passionately interested in herbal medicine which he considers very suitable for animals.

Indeed, we know that animals often heal themselves spontaneously with plants when they are sick. Dr. Lefay concretized this professional interest in herbal medicine by specialized studies and a postgraduate diploma of “Medicinal plants, Phytotherapy and Aromatherapy” for animals. Today herbal medicine is part of his daily tools in his ongoing quest to relieve pain and cure pets.

Animals know intuitively how to use plants to heal!


We try to answer below your most frequently asked questions about herbal medicine.

Could you explain herbal medicine for animals?
Herbal medicine refers to medicine based on plant extracts and natural active ingredients. Nothing to do with homeopathy with which it is often confused. This word comes from the Greek “phytos” which means plant and “therapeuo” which means to cure. Herbal medicine for animals is practiced by committed veterinarians who respect the deep bond that unites the animal and nature. Please be aware that self-medication in herbal medicine can be very dangerous for your pet. Always seek professional advice before medicating your pet, even with herbal medicine.

How do you treat animals with herbal medicine?

The medical approach is the same as with traditional medicine, which means that a diagnosis is mandatory. Dr. Lefay uses standardized plant extracts (EPS) that are available in liquid form (a kind of syrup). He has a plant library of about fifty plants that he mixes to treat the particular disease of your animal. Very often, for the same disease, the combination of plants will not be exactly the same from an animal to another because each animal has different characteristics. Stunning results can often obtained with herbal medicine, sometimes in cases where traditional medicine results have been disappointing.

Can I give my pet the same phytotherapeutic products that I take personally?

Medicinal plants that are effective in humans are not necessarily effective in animals, and they can even be dangerous for your pet. The dosages are also very different. It is recommended to consult a veterinarian specialized in phytotherapy. Dr. Lefay has a post-graduate degree in “Medicinal Plants, Phytotherapy and Aromatherapy” and has been practicing herbal medicine for several years.

For any additional questions about phytotherapy for animals, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Lefay’s practice. Never self-medicate on your pet, it can be very dangerous.