Dr Franck Lefay

Dr Franck Lefay

Doctor in Veterinary Medicine

Doctor Franck Lefay

His professional training

Even though he had moved to the Ecole d’Alfort at the beginning of his veterinary studies, towards farm animals, Dr. Franck Lefay became passionate about medicine and pet surgery from his second year of study. . Seduced by the science of diagnosis that it appears to a real police investigation, it develops a very fine sense of the observation of the animal and the interpretation of the statements of the master to provide the best solution to relieve and cure. It is thus already during his studies, then thanks to his long practical experience, that he forges and refines his solid sense of the diagnosis that we recognize him today.

His experience in Africa

After some replacements in the Paris region, he did his military service in Africa in Senegal. Its missions were particularly oriented towards the care of the military dogs, but also to the sanitary inspection of the kitchens!

Opening of his practice in Cannes

Returning from his military service, Dr. Franck Lefay is seduced by the beautiful light and mild climate of southern France and seeks a place to install his office. He falls under the spell of the city of Cannes and, in a few hours only, his decision is made: it is on the Croisette that he will put his suitcases and install his cabinet. It was in 1991!

Pursuing a permanent improvement

Dr. Franck Lefay has always devoted some of his time to developing his knowledge and learning new practices. It is by attending various congresses and following postgraduate courses that he keeps up to date with the latest techniques and care products. It is on one of these occasions that he has developed an increased interest in herbal medicine adapted to animal medicine.

A forerunner of alternative medicine

Oriented from his first years of practice towards a more “responsible” medicine, Dr. Franck Lefay avoids as much as possible an “arms race” so often practiced in the veterinary world. Not wishing to reduce its role to an essentially technical dimension with prescription of expensive and often not very useful examinations (scanners, complex blood tests, etc.), it will give over the years, an increasingly important place in the clinical sense and in human contact, while calling on highly competent specialists depending on the situation.

His phytotherapeutic orientation

By adopting the famous ancient dogma “primum non nocere” (first do no harm), Dr. Franck Lefay is passionately interested in phytotherapy that he considers very suitable for animals. Indeed, we know that animals often heal spontaneously with plants when they are sick. He concretized this professional interest by studies and a postgraduate diploma of “medicinal plants, Phytotherapy and Aromatherapy”. Today herbal medicine is part of his daily arsenal in his ongoing quest to relieve and cure pets.