Viscum Album, an herbal remedy for animals affected by cancer

Discover the benefits of Viscum Album (better known by its common name of mistletoe) to help your pet suffering from cancer.

Who does not have in mind this image of the Gallic druid, sickle in hand, picking mistletoe at the bottom of the forests to prepare a mysterious elixir healing all the evils of men? This plant with “magical” virtues for the Gauls was already used by the Greeks and Romans. Celsius and Dioscoride already evoked its anti-tumor effects. It was Rudolf Seiner who, in 1921, rationalized its use in anticancer therapy. Since hundreds of basic and clinical research confirm its benefits in oncology.

Mistletoe has many features making it apart from many other plants:

– its leaf is identical on both sides

– mistletoe does not show either heliotropism (does not turn towards the sun) or geotropism (seems not to be subject to earthly attraction). It is maintained as in weightlessness, between two worlds

– it is a little warmer inside the mistletoe ball than outside

– it does not have any bark

– its maturity comes in winter. Plants that work “upside down” from others often have remarkable peculiarities. Mistletoe develops against the current of the usual way plants work, making it, in a way, an “extra-terrestrial plant”


One of the fundamental principles in herbal medicine is the use of the totum of the plant, meaning the juxtaposition of all the chemical molecules extracted from the plant is more effective than each of its molecules used one after the other. The Viscum album is no exception to this rule. We find lectins (Viscum album pini has less than the others, which we will use in practice), viscotoxins, polysaccharides, flavonoids, triterpenes, polyphenols, phytohormone, thiols … etc.


In recent decades, research on Viscum album has accelerated and laboratories around the world are trying to decipher the action of Vicum album on both immunostimulation, apoptosis (programmed cell death) or cytotoxicity on cancer cells. The research also focuses on inflammation by its anti-Cox2 effect or its antioxidant and hypoglycemic effects. However, we are still far from knowing everything about this plant and every year new publications make us progress on the understanding of its different actions. You can read a selected bibliography below.

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